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All of our vehicles have been chosen for their combination of character, looks, performance and reliability but, most of all, they have been chosen for their grin factor. Our testers have sourced and are continuing to source the best pound for pound performance cars available with more in the pipeline very shortly. 
We can deliver and collect your vehicle to your chosen address.
Prices are calculated at £1 per google map 'fastest route' mile from EX19 8QS return + an additional £15.




We aim to provide, above all, the best sports car hire and driving experience available at sensible prices and you can see from our cars stats that they have more than enough performance for most drivers.


We have also extensively researched the whole of the wild west country for the best venues to take these vehicles and mapped the most enjoyable routes to get you there. We will provide you with a guide to all of this info in your car hire manual that comes with all our cars. If the south west is not large enough anywhere in mainland UK is acceptable. Taking our cars to France, Germany, Belgium and Italy can be arranged for an additional fee.


Our vehicles are performance vehicles but are still accessible to most. Anyone between the ages of 25 and 70 who has not been too naughty and has got a few years license under their belt will be able to drive one of them. All we ask is for you to enjoy the cars, treat them like you do your partner, and bring them back in the same state as you got them. You can also split the cost by adding a nominated driver to your package. To book, a link to a "nominated driver" form will appear after completing the main driver booking form.