Our sports car tariffs have no mileage restrictions and run for a period of 24hrs from a start time of your choice any time between 9.00am and 7.00pm. (E.g. 3 days hire starting from 11.00 am Monday will finish 11.00am on Thursday.)

Additional nominated drivers can be added to your hire period from only £30 per day

All prices are based on a person with no known ailments a clean UK licence held for 3 years or more and aged between 25 and 71 years.

Delivery And Collection

We can deliver and collect your vehicle to your chosen address.

Prices are £20 plus £1 per google map 'fastest route' mile from EX19 8QS each way.

Daily = A start time of your choice any time between 11.00am and 4.00pm



First 24hrs £285.00

Additional 24hrs £158.00

1 Week £995.00
2 Weeks £1750.00
3 Weeks £2550.00

This TVR Chimaera is jam packed with the stuff. The interior is a perfect blend of traditional wood and leather with a subtle dash of brushed alloy and colour trim.
With firm but not harsh suspension cruising is effortless and yet when cornering all is under control.
But the best bit is definitely the noise, the exhaust note has got to be one of the all time greats and you will want to keep playing it time and time again.



First 24hrs £338.00

Additional 24hrs £168.00

1 Week £1495.00
2 Weeks £2495.00
3 Weeks £3495.00

Our car is the '82 Targa model with all of the above refinements and of course with the bonus of being able to let the summer in as well with it's lightweight removable roof. With its excellent visibility, power steering and light clutch the car is just as capable maneuvering around town as it is blasting down the Fosse Way. Combine this with the masses of elbow room and superb seats you would never tire of driving this car.
If you fancy a spin in one of the all time greats, whose presence goes before it, this is the car for you.



First 24hrs £285.00

Additional 24hrs £158.00

1 Week £995.00
2 Weeks £1750.00
3 Weeks £2550.00

Many 'experts' have criticised the RV8 for its lack of power steering anc choice of suspension but most believe they are missing the point of the RV8, which was to retain the classic roadster feel combined with modern refinements and reliability. Fortunately in fitting the latest tyres and up rated dampers produced by Spax and Koni any such discrepancies have been resolved on most RV8's and steering is now light and positive and, combined with the the deeply padded leather seats, comfort is excellent.
On top of this there is no mistaking the cars power and torque. With almost 4 litres of v8 injection through a 5 speed Range Rover gearbox pulling power in any gear is first rate. So if you fancy a car with grunt, classic good looks luxury and reliability, the RV8s for you.